Wil Shriner - Episode 547

Steve Cooper talks with comic/director Wil Shriner. Wil started on TV at age one doing commercials with his twin brother Kin and his father TV humorist Herb Shriner. Growing up with a 8mm camera in his hand, he attended famed UCLA Film and TV program where he learned from the greats how to entertain with story and image. Appearing at the famed Comedy Store, he met another young comedian, David Letterman who liked his comedy films so much that he brought his talents along with him on his rise to fame . He continued as a writer/director on numerous projects and shows with Letterman and it was one of his films that got him noticed by Francis Ford Coppola and it produced  a co-starring role opposite Oscar nominee Joan Allen in Peggy Sue Got Married.  From there he hosted his own nationally syndicated and three time Emmy nominated talk show, the Wil Shriner Show  and dozens of shows and series followed one after another. In 2000 he began directing sitcoms starting with Frasier and spent six years on all the top shows including Everyone Loves Raymond, Becker, Gilmore Girls and many others. He recently wrote the screenplay, produced and directed the film Hoot. 





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