Trevor Steel - Episode 805

Steve Cooper talks with musician Trevor Steel. Trevor is best known for being the lead singer of the band The Escape Club. They released their first album in the UK in 1987. Their next album was released in the summer of 1988 on Atlantic records out of the USA.  The title track and first single, Wild Wild West went to #1 on the Billboard hot 100 chart and was Grammy nominated. They released two more singles from the Wild, Wild West album, Shake for the Sheik which got to # 28 and Walking Through Walls. They released their third album in March 1991 which included the # 8 single, Ill Be There. In 1992 when the band temporarily disbanded, Trevor went on to start a career as a songwriter and producer with John Holliday. Based out of Air Studios in London, first under the production name ‘Bump and Grind’ and later as themselves, they wrote and produced many U.K. pop hits.



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