Tom Snyder - Episode 535

Steve Cooper talks with writer/musician/producer Tom Snyder. Tom is the creator of Squigglevision, the animation style made famous by Comedy Central's cult classic series Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist, which he created with Jonathan Katz. He was the executive producer of Home Movies, the first program to air on Adult Swim and one of IGN's Top 100 Animated Series, BET's Hey Monie! and ABC's Saturday morning entertainment cartoon Science Court. He has won Peabody, PGA and Cable Ace Awards for his animated programs. He also composed the music for many of these projects. Currently he just released an audio book Is Anyone All Right? which defies categorization a bit.  It's the studio recording of a musical stage comedy written and scored by him and narrated and performed by multiple voice actors.  It's very sweet and well-written.  Much of its charm comes from big-hearted characters and the overly detailed/subtle stage direction he takes comedic advantage of in this format. 




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