Steve Hofstetter - Episode 323

Steve Cooper talks with comic Steve Hofstetter. Steve made his national TV debut came on ESPN's Quite Frankly, where Stephen A. Smith yelled at him for three minutes. He has also appeared on CBS' Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Showtime's White Boyz in the Hood, VH1's Countdown, Sundance's On the Road in America and ABC's Barbara Walter's Special. One of the top booked acts on the college circuit, the original writer for has also released five albums and three books. He has written humor columns for the New York Times,, and While his live shows are routinely sold out, he is best known for his writing, first published at age 15. At 18, he co-founded Sports Jerk of the Week, an irreverent website featured by press like USA Today's Baseball Weekly, Sports Illustrated and CNN. And at 20, he took a year off of school to head up web content for the New York Yankees. While an undergraduate at Columbia University, he was a well-read columnist for the Columbia Daily Spectator and a voice of the Lions. After a summer writing for Maxim, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated for Kids, he turned his column into two books, and syndicated it in several newspapers. He currently is the host and executive producer of Laughs on Fox networks.



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