Stephen Manley - Episode 555

Steve Cooper talks with actor Stephen Manley. Stephen is a veteran actor of film and television for over 40 years. Best known as "Young Spock" in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984). His experience spans from work as a child on shows such as All in the Family (1971) and Emergency! (1972) to work as a teen on The Love Boat (1977) and Little House on the Prairie (1974). After graduating with a degree in film from the Pasadena Art Center, he continues to work as an actor. His diversity as a character actor include playing a seedy drug dealer in Death in the Desert (2015), a Neo-Nazi Hitler in Not on My Mountain, a tormented scientist in Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, a Hells Angel biker gang leader in Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels, and an outlaw cowboy in Billy the Kid: New Evidence. His most recent roles this year include an eccentric scientist in Ghost Hunters and a gullible genius in the series The Idiot.

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