Spike Spencer - Episode 194

Steve Cooper talks with actor/voice actor Spike Spencer. Spike an accomplished on-camera actor, has worked with such notable stars as Tommy Lee Jones, Sandra Bullock, Frank Langella, Tia Carrere, and Scott Glenn and has been on set with many other stars. Spike has lent his voice to numerous radio and TV commercials and in the world of animation, he has been voices in Peter Rabbit, Space Dogs, Supa Pirate Booty Hunt, DrugBunny, and more. He has also voiced hundreds of episodes of Anime, including such notable titles as Evangelion, Bleach, Vampire Knight, Durarara!, Battle Angel, Suikoden, Orphen, Spriggan, Nadesico, Mar, PreTear, Buso Renkin, Gundam, Code Geass 2, and Kekkaishi. As an author, Spike has penned several titles including, How to Be A Frickin Genius Voice Actor, Step One, What Happens At The Con, Stays At The Con?, and soon to be released Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips).


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