Rae Dawn Chong - Episode 338

Steve Cooper talks with actor Rae Dawn Chong. Rae Dawn began appearing on Canadian television in her preteen years. Chong's first major TV role was on the popular 1974 sitcom The Wiz Kid of Riverton. Seven years later, she exploded onto the big screen as the mud-covered cave dweller Ika in Quest for Fire (1981), which earned her the Canadian equivalent of the Academy Award. Playing a variety of striking characters, she would be prominently cast in such films as The Color Purple (1985), American Flyers (1987), and Commando (1985). By the 90's, Chong was a bankable actress with multiple projects per year, including successful TV roles as well, on shows like Wild Card and Mysterious Ways. Throughout her career she has appeared in over 50 movies and countless TV shows.She recently released Cursed: Part 3 which she wrote, directed and co-starred in.



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