Peter Murnik - Episode 379

Steve Cooper talks with actor Peter Murnik. Peter started to study acting in Hollywood in 1985, and has never looked back. He is best known for his current role of Hershel Jenkins in Granite Flats and as trooper Tom Bergen in Justified. His Journeyman career has now spanned nearly 30 years, including over 50 guest-starring spots on episodic TV series, roughly 100 commercials, and 30+ movie roles. Some of his credits include Quantum Leap, Father of the Bride, Seinfeld, Northern Exposure, It's My Party, ER, Hard Rain, Armageddon, JAG, Desperate Housewives, Rizzoli & Isles, Shameless and many more. He is also a lover of classic cars, motorcycles and dangerous, outdated and high-powered machinery of all sorts and is an avid surfer. He briefly held the World record for long-distance windsurfing and is known as Cal Worthington's Evil Twin for his ability to sell classic cars around the world. 



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