Peter Breitmayer - Episode 398

Steve Cooper talks with actor Peter Breitmayer. Peter started his professional acting career at Dudley Riggs BraveNew Workshop and worked in numerous professional Theatres in the Minneapolis area over the next eight years, did dozens of OC and VO Commercials, and landed roles in several Hollywood produced films shooting in the state including Drop Dead Fred, Jingle All the Way, Larry Nordic and The Stranger Within. He moved to LA in 1996 and has since worked regularly in television, film, commercials and VO, his most recent substantial role being Lt. Ben Schmidt in the Fargo series. Other recent notable roles were in Austin Film Fest winner Coffee, Kill Boss, NCIS, A Serious Man, The Changeling, Greys Anatomy, The Middle. Most people recognize him as the A-Nother Insurance Company idiot, Bill, in the Progressive Insurance campaign. He also continued his stage career, acting in award winning productions in LA as well as touring Nationally and to Dublin, Ireland with the long running hit show Triple Espresso.



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