Matt Gallant - Episode 339

Steve Cooper talks with host Matt Gallant. Matt is an Emmy Award-winning television host. For five seasons, he was the host of the Animal Planet's popular series "The Planet's Funniest Animals," although the show is no longer in production, it regularly airs in repeats and continues to find new audiences in international markets. He has hosted shows on MTV, ESPN2, G4, NFL Network, Fine Living, ABC, DirecTV to name a few. He hosted the ABC's Network prime time hit American Inventor. In 2008, Gallant took a sabbatical from TV in hopes of making a difference in the world and began to purse a career as an Interventionist/Therapist, like his brother Paul. He spent over two years working as counselor at a dual diagnosis rehab in Venice California. In 2012 he enthusiastically returned to the TV business and Co-Hosted the entertainment show The List on the Scripps Network.



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