John Matta - Episode 449

Steve Cooper talks with comedy writer John Matta. John is a friend of Steve Cooper's from the old Philly comedy circuit and makes his 3rd visit to the show this time to promote his book. Every day for 4 years he has hand drawn a one panel cartoon on a napkin and posted it on the web. After creating over 1,000 he’s partnered with Odd Charm Press to gather his work into the full-color collection: Matta Napkin… A Daily Comic… On A Napkin… In A Book. It’s a 300 napkin-y peek into his brilliantly irreverent world of zombie dieticians, paranoid flowers, hypno-sombreros, and ventriloquists in love. He has also been a comedy writer in Hollywood for over 20 years working on shows such as best known for his work on The Martin Short Show, Steve Harvey’s Big Time, Kid President: Declaration of Awesome, The Andy Dick Show, The Jamie Kennedy Experience, Beyond Batman and many more shows.



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