Jeannette Godoy - Episode 298

Steve Cooper talks with director Jeannette Godoy. Jeannette has a varied background, having begun her career as a choreographer for commercials, feature films and music videos. She is well known for her choreography in Sir Mix-A-Lot’s famous video Baby Got Back. She later became a stylist for feature film and commercials but it was her desire to share her poignant, method of storytelling that led her to pursue directing. Her passion for filmmaking was evident in her work, which garnered praise from major sources during her rookie year of directing.  She was nominated for Shoot Magazine’s prestigious New Director Showcase and Best Work You May Never See, Shots Magazine Young Directors Award at Cannes and Shots Best New Directors of 2011.   Since then she has worked with companies such as Zest, NHL Team the Phoenix Coyotes, Gannett and Nike, and collaborated with agencies like Barkley, Cramer Krasselt and Partners + Napier. She has also crafted a documentary short film Free 2 Be Me which premiered in film festivals throughout the US.



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