Craig Shoemaker - Episode 380

Steve Cooper talks with comic Craig Shoemaker. Craig is most known for his unmistakably engaging, iconic, baritone-voiced character, The Lovemaster. But his stand-up has been seen by millions in his decades of successful stand-up comedy. His specials have been aired on Showtime, HBO, ABC, CBS, NBC and just about every other major network and has been seen in TV shows and movies like Parks & Recreation, The Bold and The Beautiful and Scream 2. He also has been heard in Pleasantville, many characters in numerous animated series, and all the voices (and even the title song) for the BBC cartoon, Big Foot, Little Foot. He currently has dedicated using laughter as healing modality. With his recent retirement from stand-up comedy he is now focusing his efforts on his new organization dedicated to the cause Laughter Heals and he has also just released a best selling comedy album The Last Stand (Up). 



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