Claudia Christian - Episode 395

Steve Cooper talks with actor/writer/singer/musician Claudia Christian. Claudia is best known for her four year stint as Commander Susan Ivanov on the syndicated sci-fi series, Babylon 5. She got her start with a 1984 guest-spot on Dallas, which she parlayed into regular roles on short-lived series like Berringer's and Blacke's Magic, as well many guest-starring appearances in episodic TV on shows such as NYPD Blue, Nip/Tuck, Relic Hunter, Everwood, Criminal Minds, Castle and The Mentalist.  She made her feature debut as a exotic dancer whose body became host for an alien being in The Hidden, was part of the fine ensemble of Clean and Sober and was the lead in Hexed and has appeared in countless movies throughout her career. She also has recorded albums, written the popular book Babylon Confidential and is currently working on the documentary One Little Pill that deals with alcoholism and it's cure through the Sinclair Method.



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