Bobby Slayton - Episode 247

Steve Cooper talks with comedian Bobby Slayton. Bobby is often referred to as The Pitbull of Comedy and has been performing his own intense style of stand-up comedy for over 30 years, becoming one of the best known, respected, and energetic comics working today. Audiences around the country may recognize him from his scene-stealing roles in movies such as Get Shorty, Ed Wood, Bandits and most recently Dreamgirls.  He’s been seen on dozens of television shows including The Tonight Show and Politically Incorrect.   His many appearances on HBO have included Comic Relief and his own stand-up special.   He was a series regular on the HBO series Mind of a Married Man and played Joey Bishop opposite Ray Liotta and Joe Mantegna in the critically acclaimed film The Rat Pack. His distinctive gravelly voice has often been heard on animated shows like Dr. Katz and Family Guy, as well as many popular radio shows across the country including Howard Stern, Kevin & Bean, and Tom Leykis.



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