Andy Scarpati - Episode 689

Steve Cooper talks with comedy producer/hypnotist Andy Scarpati. Andy began performing as a stand-up comedian in 1978 and by 1980 he left the teaching profession for a career as a comedy producer and performer. He created Comedy Cabaret, a company that specializes in setting up comedy clubs and at one time had over 15 different venues. He has acted in over a dozen commercials and in 1994 landed a part on the TV Show 'America’s Most Wanted' playing a police officer. In 1994, while studying acting, he enrolled in a self-hypnosis class. Always being curious about hypnosis, he discovered that Self-Hypnosis was a valuable tool for self-improvement. Then, through a series of unexpected events he  decided to shift his focus to helping people. His interest in subconscious programming led him to the prestigious Hypnosis Institute in Manhattan, where he earned his Basic and Advanced Degrees. He still has 3 comedy clubs and privately has hypnosis patients and also does live shows for the public.




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