Amy Hill - Episode 429

Steve Cooper talks with actor Amy Hill. Amy may be best known for her involvement on Margaret Cho's short-lived sitcom All-American Girl in the role of grandmother Yung-Hee better known as Grandma or Grandma Kim. A little after All-American Girl was cancelled she would later be cast in the role of Kay Ohara on Maybe This Time which would eventually lead her to be working and co-starring with TV legend Betty White and former All American Girl co-star Ashley Johnson. Some of her notable films that she starred in would be Max Keeble's Big Move, Big Fat Liar, The Cat in the Hat, Let's Go To Prison, Lilo & Stitch, and as Dr. Barrenbottom in 2013's Big Gay Love, but her most notable film role was as Sue in the film 50 First Dates. She has had many notable guest starring roles on shows such as Night Court, Six Feet Under, Desperate Housewives, King of the Hill, The Sarah Silverman Program, and My Wife & Kids and has had many notable recurring roles on TV shows as well such as the lesbian daughter of D. L. Hughley's neighbor (played by Pat Morita) on The Hughleys, The upstairs neighbor of Monica and Rachel on Friends, Mrs. DePaulo on That's so Raven, Mama Tohru on Jackie Chan Adventures, Mrs. Hasagawa on Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Penny Candy on The Puzzle Place, Mah Mah the adopted mother of Francine on American Dad!, Dr. Lauren Brown on General Hospita, and Suji on The Naked Truth. In the final episode of season six of Seinfeld, she played the part of Frank Costanza's long lost girlfriend during his Korean War service.



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