Ali Spagnola - Episode 378

Steve Cooper talks with Ali Spagnola. Ali is a pop/rock/electro musician. She created a Power Hour Drinking Game Album that contains 60 one-minute songs that are also a drinking game. She self-released the album on a USB drive kept within a shot glass. She has also created several of the ringtones shipped on multiple android phones. In 2008, she started a project called Free Paintings. She takes requests online via email about what she should paint. She fills one request a day creating a 12x12", bright, pop art, acrylic painting. She then mails the painting to the requester for free. Requests are filled on a first come first served basis. The wait list is reported to be over 1,300 people long. She has completed over 2,000 paintings for the project and still continues to create one square foot of art a day. She recently moved to LA to record a new CD and has also toured the country many times playing her music and was at one time a Pittsburgh Penguins Ice Girl.



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